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Gemini Mother-In-Law + Capricorn Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Gemini and Capricorn are visionaries with good heads for business. Where your mother-in-law is all about the details, you’re a big picture person. Collaborations between the two of you could yield an amazing outcome that couldn’t be produced without the other’s help. You may team up powerfully on an entrepreneurial venture. Regardless, Gemini will admire your work ethic. She may be inspired to grow in her career as she spends more time with you. 

Capricorn is a hands-on parent, Gemini is hands-off. You won’t have to worry about her interfering with your childrearing, should you decide to produce grandkids for her. She’ll abide by your house rules when babysitting, even if she finds them to be a little strict for her tastes.


Where You Clash

Goal-oriented Capricorn is ready and willing to do the heavy lifting to get the job done. Flighty Gemini is swept up in trends and often has a hard time finishing projects. Though you both work hard, your approaches are radically different. If you collaborate on work or family projects, you may need to handle tasks in separate locations. Watching her manic process could drive you mad!

You’re all about upholding tradition, she likes to reinvent the wheel. There could be extreme disagreements about how to celebrate holidays or where to go on family vacations. Gemini’s inner wild child never grows up while Capricorn was born an old soul. Her constant insistence on making every occasion into playtime could grate on your nerves. You prefer being serious and grown up and wish she’d stop interfering with that.

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