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Gemini Mother-In-Law + Gemini Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

You’re dying to know all the family gossip and your Gemini mother in law is aching to deliver it. You’ll feel like you’ve watched a documentary series on your husband’s life after one conversation with her. Hooray for open communication! There’s no such thing as “too much information” in your world or hers.

Like a couple of wild kids on the playground of life, your Gemini mother-in-law always has an exciting plan up her sleeve. Generous and spontaneous, she’s always available if you need someone to go to the movies with, drive you to the mall, or help you pick up a cake for a birthday party. She’s breathtakingly modern…even futuristic…not to mention FUN! You may have to hold back from inviting her on your honeymoon. 


Where You Clash

Meow! Squabbles could turn into all-out catfights if the two of you clash. You’re both hypersensitive—especially when it comes to words. Flying off the handle over a miscommunication could be a swift, sudden and frequent occurrence.

Your mother-in-law may have a bit of a double standard. Though she’ll tell you all her dark secrets, don’t get swept into the Gemini “competitive storytelling” mode. You ARE married to her son after all. She may flip and become surprisingly moralistic if you tell her something that she considers reprehensible. Nevermind that she confessed to the same action ten minutes earlier. She is either A) judging herself for it and therefore judging you; or, B)Angry because your story was more sordid that hers and she feels one-upped. No, it’s not fair, but the rules of equality don’t apply to her when she’s ticked off.

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