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Gemini Mother-In-Law + Leo Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Your Gemini mother-in-law will fall right into the warm embrace you extend to her. You’re both upbeat, sunny types with a generous dose of drama queen energy. Your communication will be lively, whether you’re plying each other with sugary compliments or telling an epic story of your latest adventure at the shopping mall.

Big and bold is the way you both like to roll. If the two of you could produce, direct, and star in a Broadway Musical it would be a rollerdisco adaptation of “Mama Mia.” Go ahead and raid each other’s wardrobes. You both love colors and patterns and may collectively own at least two feather boas. Halloween could trump Christmas when it comes to family celebrations now.

You both believe that kids need more play time, and you’ll happily take the family wee ones on an endless parade of field trips. The grandkids will never be lacking for entertainment with a Gemini mother-in-law around. 


Where You Clash

You love her company, but she never sticks around long enough for you to feel satisfied. She needs to be free to come and go as she pleases. You like to get quality time in with the ones you love. Unfortunately, her idea of a long visit is two hours, while yours is two days.

You’ll wonder why she’s always got one foot out the door. She may hurt your feelings by not giving you the level of attention you want. In turn, she may feel a bit suffocated by your need for her time.

She’s a better guest than she is a host, and you’ll have to keep your inner scorekeeper in check. No, she won’t match your dinner invitations one for one. If you want to see her, wipe the slate clean and just invite her over again. She’ll make up for it with a huge gift when you least expect it.

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