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Gemini Mother-In-Law + Pisces Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Creativity reigns supreme in both of your lives and your talents could dovetail beautifully.  Put your heads together for family celebrations. The decorations alone will take everyone’s breath away. You both enjoy adding an original twist to all that you do. Reinventing the wheel on traditions will be a fun way to collaborate.

You both love children and can dream up amazing ways to include them in family gatherings. She’ll be a great companion for any field trips with the grandkids. While you’re busy fixing dinner, she’ll be on the floor with them teaching them how to spell their names with wooden blocks, or even playing video games.


Where You Clash

There’s an odd role reversal here where you’re likely to feel more like you’re HER mother-in-law. No matter that she’s a couple decades older than you. She seems to cry out for mothering and Pisces naturally answers the call. Check your inner rescuer quickly. She’ll accept endless amounts of nurturing and you don’t know when to stop giving it. This could lead to resentment and a big blowout.

Her flamboyant personality is a thrill to watch at first, but you may find yourself fading further and further into the background. Be careful about letting her overshadow you. She isn’t asking you to step back and make yourself small. Gemini is a twin and is happy to share the spotlight. Unfortunately, her style can be rather aggressive compared to yours. You’ll have to do some assertiveness training work in order to step into the ring alongside her.

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