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Gemini Mother-In-Law + Sagittarius Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

She’s offbeat, wacky, and full of classic one-liners that are worthy of impression. Your Gemini mother in law is a total character–and that spells endless entertainment for you. You adore people like her who aren’t afraid to color outside the lines. Plus she shares your habit for saying outrageous things at inappropriate moments just to stir the pot and keep things lively. Fun!

Gemini is obsessed with staying up on the latest trends, which dovetails nicely with your inner teenager. She won’t judge your unconventional approach to marriage and family. Do you want to maintain a separate residence or forgo the whole kids thing? That’s okay by her. She shares your “live and let live” motto on life. Gemini remains hip long past retirement, so odds are good that you’ll admire her. There’s always plenty to talk about since you are both well read and know a lot of trivia, especially about New Age topics and pop culture.


Where You Clash

You may be blunt, but at least your spoutings are well researched. At times it may seem like your mother-in-law simply regurgitates the latest trends and popular opinions without really questioning them. She finds you a bit preachy and moralistic at times. You wish she’d swim farther into the deep end of the pool. She wishes you’d just lighten up already.

You’re both alpha females who like to be one of the boys. It’s likely that you’ll compete for attention when men are around. She may vie to be number one in her son’s eyes just to get under your skin. You find this quality in her extremely disloyal. As far as she’s concerned all is fair in the game of love–can’t you just play along and stop being so uptight?   

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