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Gemini Mother-In-Law + Taurus Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Taurus and Gemini are as different as night and day. You’ll be the mom here and she’ll be the kid. It’s an odd role reversal that you may find troublesome to embrace. By the same token, Gemini’s out-of-the-box lifestyle can be a breath of fresh air for Taurus. She’s creative in ways that few can rival. Let her coax your artsy side out to play. Before you know it, you may be painting, making jewelry, or playing a musical instrument.

Gemini tends to blow around like a leaf in the wind. Your warm, solid home will be a rare jewel that she treasures. Sure, you may wish she wouldn’t drop by quite so often…but she’ll abide by your rules and uphold your traditions. Gemini is the happiest helper when it’s time to prepare a holiday meal, decorate for a party, or make a photo album of a special occasion. 


Where You Clash

Cringeworthy moments abound as her Modern Mama style clashes with your inner June Cleaver. She won’t understand why you’re so “uptight.” You’ll think she’s off her rocker.  Leave the grandkids with her as the babysitter? Um, not without someone to supervise HER.

It’s very likely her son married you because you’re so NOT like his mother. You may have been subject to a litany of complaints about “that woman” prior to your wedding. As a result, you may feel added pressure to keep a wall up between you and your new mother-in-law. This would be a shame, Taurus. Your sign is all about welcoming in family with open arms.  Instead of padlocking Gemini out of your life, play the peacemaker. Helping your hubby heal his mama issues is only going to be a plus for your relationship.

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