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Leo Mother-In-Law + Cancer Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Leo’s warm and sunny personality puts shy Cancer at ease.  You’ll feel adopted into her clan unconditionally—which is what family-oriented Crabs yearn for more than anything.  Your mother-in-law is a fabulous storyteller and you love learning about family history. Settle down with a nice cup of tea. The two of you could be flipping through photo albums all day.

Cancer and Leo both love children and your mother-in-law will delight in hanging out with you and the grandkids. She’ll be an on-call babysitter if you need.  She’s a great advice-giver for any womanly matter, so feel free to open up to her. She’s pretty good at keeping a secret but can be a blabbermouth on occasion. You might want to save the ultra confidential matters for someone else.


Where You Clash

While you’re both creative, Leo doesn’t adhere to tradition the same way you do. You want family gatherings to feel like a Martha Stewart photo shoot with pretty place settings and an elegant three-course meal. Your mother-in-law has a flair for the theatrical, which you find a bit tacky. She’d rather turn a family dinner into a festival of games and kitschy decorations. The clash of tastes could grate on stylish Cancer’s nerves. When Leo arrives with one too many garish gifts for your home, you may have to have a heart to heart.

Leo chatters nonstop and no subject is off-limits for her. You’ll learn a bit too much about her personal life before you’ve even asked. Getting a word in edgewise may prove challenging for you. You’re a great listener, but you have a threshold. Telling your mother-in-law to pipe down is a cringeworthy proposition, but you’re going to have to muster the courage and let her know you need some quiet time. 

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