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Leo Mother-In-Law + Capricorn Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Celebrating with family is something Leo and Capricorn both live for. Birthdays, holidays, special occasions—with your keen planning skills and her creativity you could throw a world-class party together. 

You both love the finer things in life, although Leo’s tastes are colorful and yours tend to be understated. You could learn a lot from each other. You’ll show her the beauty of modesty, she’ll add a dash of drama to your neutral palette.

You’re both career-oriented. Achievement and ambition ranks high on your list of important qualities. Your Leo mother-in-law will admire your womanly ability to provide for the family. She’s also probably spoiled the dickens out of her son! She’ll be relieved to hand him off to someone who can help him afford the luxurious lifestyle he may have grown accustomed to.


Where You Clash

Your Leo mother-in-law may have a “livelier” take on family festivities than you do. Formal Capricorn prefers understated elegance. You may find her style downright embarrassing or juvenile.  You’ll have to confront your inner snob here. Truth be told, her celebrations may actually be more fun than the ones you’ve dreamed up. Give them a try here and there. 

Capricorn enjoys being part of an elite crowd (hey you worked hard to get there!). Your Leo mother-in-law might not make the cut with some of your circles. If she discovers that you’ve neglected to invite her to fancy, formal events—or worse yet, ask her to babysit while you attend—she may sulk, pout, and worst of all whine about it to her son. Keep a cool head and don’t get sucked into the undertow of her emotions. She’ll have to learn eventually that you deserve to have aspects to your life that don’t include her.

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