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Leo Mother-In-Law + Gemini Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

It’s showtime! You two characters are a walking circus act. With Gemini’s clever wit and Leo’s outrageous spunk, you’ll entertain each other and the crowds with your huge personalities and flashy tastes. Laughter may ensue within the first few moments of your meeting–and it probably won’t stop as the years roll on. Your Leo mother-in-law likes to play like a kid, just like you. The vibe between you is more sisterly than anything and you might become each other’s new best friends. 

You’re both ultra social and create a warm and lively vibe that everyone enjoys.

Plan parties together and include your fabulous rosters of friends. Leo may need to be the center of the universe, but you won’t mind orbiting around her because it’s just so much fun. Ask another relative to handle the budget. You both love to spend money like it was going out of style. Warning: the two of you may talk so much that other people get headaches. Try to be aware of your surroundings and include other relatives in the conversation during family gatherings. 


Where You Clash

Gemini and Leo share a love of drama so misunderstandings are likely to get blown waaaaay out of proportion. At times, you may squabble like sisters putting other relatives in the middle of your feud.  “I can’t believe she said that!” is likely to be the most common complaint. Watch a tendency to get hung up on words here–remember that old “Sticks and Stones” poem? On the flip side, be careful not to get sooo close that your hubby feels left out. He may start viewing you as co-conspirators plotting behind his back. It’s not worth it, even if it’s “for his own good.” 

You’re a chronic double-booker and plan canceller, which your Leo mother-in-law doesn’t take kindly to. If you promise her something, she’ll remember it (and eagerly anticipate it). You’d better write it in your To Do List if you don’t want to bear the burden of breaking her dramatic heart.

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