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Leo Mother-In-Law + Leo Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

You two babbling brooks will have plenty to gush about. You’re both passionate people who either looove something or hate it. When you find common ground, the enthusiasm you stir up will be contagious. Neither one of you is terribly private about your personal lives nor are you great at keeping a secret. That’s fine, since you’ll be the perfect audience for each other’s dramatic stories. She’ll gasp and cluck at all the appropriate places and you’ll return the favor when she’s sharing about her life. Finally! You’ll both feel as if you’ve met someone who gets where you’re coming from.

Your Leo mother-in-law is an electric addition to your life bringing thriving parties, lavish vacations, and dramatic cliffhangers in her wake. You love the way she pumps up the volume on everything. She’ll take you under her wing–she simply can’t resist anyone who admires her so much. Just remember, you’re marrying her son, not her. 


Where You Clash

It’s possible that you may be too alike for her comfort level. Your diva-ish moments remind her of her own–something she doesn’t like to own up to. Tone it down a notch and let her be Queen Bee here. You may inadvertently disrespect her royal realm by outshining her amongst family and friends. 

You’re both praise hungry and love to share about yourselves. While you’re worrying about making a good impression, you may forget to ask questions about each other. The best way to be interesting is to be interested. Stop trying to prove that you’re doing a good job as a daughter-in-law and let her babble about herself.  If she feels understood and listened to, you’ll get her stamp of approval faster than any other method.

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