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Leo Mother-In-Law + Libra Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Leo and Libra were born to shop together and your tastes run to the colorful and theatrical. You’ll be swapping clothes like sisters in no time, doing each other’s hair and make up, sharing info on hot designer labels. Both of you have a large appetite for life and enjoy sampling from the smorgasbord rather than having to choose from an a la carte list. Your Leo mother-in-law is a great adventure mate for day trips and longer travel since you have a similar upbeat temperament.

You’re both performers who love to entertain the crowds. Leo needs to play the lead, and you’re fine with being the supporting co-star. As long as she lets you get a few great lines in, it’s all good. At family functions, you may both be the ones starting conversations and keeping everyone in good spirits with your jokes.


Where You Clash

Decorating overload! Leo and Libra could put a silk ribbon and Swarovski crystal on every square inch of the Earth. But who’s gonna pick up the tab? You big spenders could easily get into debt together, and that’s when the blame game begins. Make sure you budget when you’re planning any big events or projects to avoid money issues coming between you.

Your Leo mother-in-law is more vigilant about education than you are. Degrees and titles are this lion queen’s domain so if you didn’t finish college she may drop endless hints about you going back to school. Troubles could come when the grandkids arrive. She’ll want to be hands-on with their schooling and may become overbearing. Suck it up and let her start their college fund. She knows what she’s talking about here. 

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