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Leo Mother-In-Law + Pisces Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Let the creativity fly! Leo and Pisces are both giant kids with fantastic imaginations. Family celebrations could turn into talent shows or festively decorated wonderlands when you two join forces. You’re both a bit bossy and don’t mind stepping up to the plate to get the job done. You’ll admire each other’s take-charge attitudes. Results are produced quickly when you combine forces. Adults and kids alike will enjoy stepping into the fairy tale that you spin as a pair.

Leo is a nurturer and you’re a full-on caretaker. You’ll spoil each other with gifts and race for the check when the bill for brunch arrives. Overspending is an issue for both of you so enjoy the lovefest but don’t go broke trying to give gifts to each other.


Where You Clash

Leo and Pisces both love talking about problems, but TMI (Too Much Information) Disease could strike. You may even begin competing over who has a worse horror story from her past. You’ll win that competition, Pisces, but this is not a blue ribbon that you’ll be proud to hold for long. Keep some of those skeletons in the closet here. Leo is unconditionally loving, but she’s not as comfortable with the dark side of life as you are.  Don’t give her heart palpitations with tales from your punk rock past. 

Codependence is an issue you both struggle with. Taking on too many of the other’s issues could create a troubling dynamic. Give each other space to make mistakes instead of always rushing in for the save. Otherwise resentment could grow quickly. 

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