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Leo Mother-In-Law + Sagittarius Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

The world is a playground for you two fire signs.  Leo is an energetic little kid who refuses to grow old at heart. Sagittarius is an eternal teenager who loves to rebel and rewrite the rules. You may occasionally feel like Leo’s babysitter while she runs off chasing shiny things. Skip the coffeetalk and brunch dates and head straight for the theater. You’ll enjoy each other’s company most when you’re distracted by a good show.  Cirque du Soleil, anyone?

She loves to spoil and pamper loved ones, which is a huge gift to busy Sagittarius. Surrender to her offerings of home-cooked meals and Saturday night babysitting. She enjoys making your life easier as long as you thank her with praise and attention. It’s a small price to pay. She’s one of the few people that take-charge Sagittarius will entrust as a caretaker.   

Where You Clash

“Cry me a river!” you’ll want to scream as dramatic Leo regales you with another blow-by-blow tale of her trip to the supermarket. Her tendency to dramatize life is irritating to Sagittarius who prefers to just cut to the chase. She can be smothering with her love and affection at times, making you act like a bratty teen. She seems to take everything so personally, but your blunt comments might just bring her to tears.

Leo holds family traditions near and dear. Future-forward Sagittarius hates to follow anything from the past. You’ll have to grin and bear a lifetime of agonizing family celebrations–like that 8-course, formal Thanksgiving dinner that lasts 5 hours–if you want to be part of her son’s life.  

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