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Leo Mother-In-Law + Scorpio Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Leo is the sign that rules self-expression.  Scorpio is all about being creative and original. Your mother-in-law is an inquisitive listener who will be interested in finding out who YOU are as an individual. This is heaven to your Scorpio soul. At last! Someone who lets you be yourself instead of trying to put you in a narrow little box. Leo encourages you to be even MORE creative than you already are. Got a band? A collection of paintings or poetry? Your mother-in-law will be your biggest champion when you want to pursue your artsy dreams. 

Leo provides the unconditional love every Scorpio is looking for. Open up to her with your deepest fears. She’ll help you love yourself through it all. Got a sordid past? This is the mom-in-law least likely to judge you for it, as long as you’ve reformed yourself now. One pitfall: she’s not great at keeping a secret and may occasionally blab something you share with her to another relative. 


Where You Clash

Leo is theatrical in a “Hello Dolly” kinda way. Scorpio stirs up intrigue with the slinkiness of “Catwoman.” Your Leo mother-in-law’s larger-than-life personality could send you scurrying into your lair. You just refuse to compete for the spotlight by trying to out sing-and-dance her. Your tactic is to disappear and make people wonder where you slipped off to. Of course, that makes YOU the center of attention and a competitive dynamic could be born with your mother-in-law. Be more forgiving of her need for praise and validation. Like a puppy, once you stroke her a few times, she’ll settle down and take a nap. 

Your mother-in-law’s spending habits seem over-the-top to you. She rarely budgets and pays top dollar for things that could easily be found on sale. You may feel cheap around her, which can stir up insecurity. So what, you like to buy gifts on eBay? Keep doing it, but withhold that information from her when you give her that fresh-off-the-online-auction-block birthday gift.

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