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Libra Mother-In-Law + Cancer Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

With her soothing voice and peaceful demeanor, your Libra mother-in-law creates a safe environment for shy Cancer to open up in. She’s pleasant and positive which can help break you out of any doom and gloom you’re feeling. She’s a great listener too and knows how to honor confidentiality. If you need to open up to her about a private matter, she’ll be helpful and understanding.

You’re both highly creative women who love music and the arts. She likes be in the know about cultural events. Don’t be surprised if she asks to download tracks from your iPod and has some great selections to share in exchange.

She’s not the overbearing type, and will give you space to rule your roost. This works well for Cancer–your home is your castle and you don’t need another Queen Bee invading the hive. 


Where You Clash

Cancerian emotions are strong and vivid. Libras tend to float through life with their heads in the clouds. You may find your mother-in-law’s sunny disposition a bit too saccharine for your tastes. “Take off the rose-colored glasses, already!” you’ll feel like screaming. Conversely, your mood swings will be hard for her to swallow. When you start complaining about your awful day or migraine headache, she’ll give you a quick, “I’m sorry to hear that,” then swiftly change the subject. You weren’t done yet? Take the sob story somewhere else. That kind of banter rains on her parade. 

Cancer longs for a close-knit family. While your Libra mother-in-law is warm and lovely, she likes her independence too. She’ll prefer if you call her by her first name (not “mom”). At times, she can be downright vain about looks and age. She would rather people thought you were sisters. Humoring her in this way could feel like a huge disappointment to you since Cancer loves to be mothered.

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