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Libra Mother-In-Law + Capricorn Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

There’s a bit of a role reversal here where Capricorn feesl more like the mom and Libra is more like the daughter. This works fine for you both. You enjoy making the rules and your Libra mother-in-law will happily abide by them if the atmosphere is pleasant and peaceful. Holiday gatherings are more likely to happen in your home than hers–again, this feels like a win-win to you since you enjoy being the family matriarch.


Capricorn and Libra are highly social and enjoy being a part of elite groups. You’ll introduce each other to the movers and shakers of the world and get each other platinum level memberships to exclusive organizations. Attending parties with the rich and famous will be something you both love to do, and do often. The difference: you’ll probably be on the steering committee of these events while your mother-in-law simply wants to mingle and sip champagne with the other guests.


Where You Clash

Capricorn is no-nonsense and practical. Your Libra mother-in-law oozes with sugary charm. You may feel like Plain Jane standing beside Scarlett O’Hara at times. Since Capricorn is naturally competitive, this can spark a feeling in you that you need to change. Halt before you slather on the perfume and makeup. While there’s no better woman than a Libra to take beauty tips from, changing your style just because another alpha female is in the house is not a good idea. You’ll have to work hard to resist this temptation. 

You’re a hardcore planner where Libra drifts along with the breeze. Your mother-in-law’s tendency to be late or cancel plans will infuriate you. No doubt you have an incredibly busy schedule (Capricorn can be quite the workaholic). When you make plans, you expect to keep them. Time is money, after all!

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