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Libra Mother-In-Law + Gemini Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

You’re both eternal teenagers who love fashion, celebrity news, gossip and flirting.  You’ll shop in the Junior’s section of the department store well after high school and look smashing in trendy clothes. There’s a kindred spirit vibe here and you’ll have some great Saturday afternoons filled with mimosas, pedicures, a Madison Avenue style shopping.

You’re a chatterbox, and your Libra mother-in-law will be all ears. Upon meeting, you’ll quickly fill each other in on all the details of your lives. Neither of you is terribly private so she won’t mind too much if you accidentally blab about one of her issues in front of other people. (She’s probably already told everyone anyway.)  Gemini is creative and Libra loves the arts. Your mother-in-law will be your number one cheerleader for any of your imaginative projects or undertakings. You’re likely to inspire her to develop one of her latent talents as well.


Where You Clash

Your Libra mother-in-law is every bit as much a flirt as you are. You both enjoy being fawned over, spoiled, and adored by male admirers. Trouble is, neither of you loves to share the spotlight in moments like these. The competition for attention could get a bit childish between you too. Like a pair of finalists in a beauty pageant, you may ruffle each other’s feathers over somewhat superficial matters like who is prettiest, most stylish, etc. 

You two social butterflies are prone to double booking, showing up late, and changing plans in the last minute. Trying to organize a get-together could be an exercise in frustration. Make more of a concerted effort to respect each other’s time. If you make a plan, stick to it–and challenge yourself to be on time. 

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