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Libra Mother-In-Law + Libra Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Libras love the good life, and your mother-in-law may spoil you with presents, spa treatments and decadent dinners at fancy restaurants. In turn, you’ll throw her a surprise party, accompany her to doctor’s appointments and let her borrow your expensive clothes. It’s like being sisters in a way–and this works fine for your mother-in-law who hates to think about aging.

There’s a shared opinion between you that people are meant to be happy, well fed, well dressed and well taken care of. Since you share this sunny outlook on life, you’ll be an uplifting duo for the rest of the family. Relatives may come to you both for an ego-booster or a dose of motivation. Sharing inspirational books with your mother-in-law will be a sweet way to bond.


Where You Clash

You’re both wired to make everyone around you happy, but this can be exhausting. At times issues DO come up. Neither one of you likes to deal with unpleasantness of family conflict.  Unfortunately, sweeping issues under the rug only prolongs the agony. Plus it’s exhausting getting second, third, and fourth opinions before you speak your mind. Try taking a conflict resolution workshop together–it may be like learning a foreign language for you both, but it will help immensely.

You both tend to flake out on plans in the last minute or show up late. As a result, there may be an interruption to the trust between you–not to mention frustrating for the rest of the family. Both of you may feel as if the other is unreliable. Learning to keep your promises with each other will be a big learning curve.   

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