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Libra Mother-In-Law + Pisces Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

You both view the world from a dreamy, romantic perspective. She’s a charming companion for any girlie moments you want to indulge in. Shopping, manicures, trips to the frozen yogurt shop–she’ll join you at a moment’s notice. You’re both spontaneous and prefer to drift along rather than follow a hard-and-fast plan. There will be lots of laughs and delightful surprises in store when the two of you spend the day together.

Highly imaginative, you can dream up some amazingly artistic ideas together. Family celebrations never looked or tasted so good. You’re both music lovers too and you may be surprised by how contemporary your mother-in-law’s tastes are. Swap iPods for a day and share tunes. If grandkids arrive on the scene, she’ll happily join you in encouraging their artistic expression.


Where You Clash

Ding-dong. Was that the bell? Libras hate to be alone and your mother-in-law may drop by often without advance notice.  Pisces craves period of solitude in order to stay balanced. You hate surprise visits–especially when you’re trying to sleep. Your mother-in-law may take it personally when you disappear for a spell. You’ll never be able to explain this need in a way that’s satisfactory to her. Your differing social styles could become a sore spot.

You’re a caretaker she’s a care taker–in other words, she’s happy to be cared for by you. A codependent relationship can form here where she’s constantly leaning on you for emotional support. At first you’ll be flattered when she opens up to you. Be warned: she has no boundaries when it comes to talking about herself. Don’t let these conversations linger on endlessly unless you want to boil with resentment.

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