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Libra Mother-In-Law + Scorpio Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Loyalty ranks high as an important quality for Libra and Scorpio. Your Libra mother-in-law is not one to blab a secret and this is something Scorpio appreciates highly. You need to know that people will respect your confidentiality before you’ll open up to them. She’s a safe bet and you’ll enjoy sharing the details of your life with her.

Your Libra mother-in-law is an independent woman. Since Scorpio needs a fair amount of privacy and space, you’ll appreciate this about her. She tends to drop by unannounced, however, so you may have to let her know that you’d prefer that she called in advance. She’ll appreciate your honesty and won’t mind abiding by such requests. Don’t expect her to remember this rule forever–she’s a bit too free-flowing for such formalities. 


Where You Clash

Libra is concerned with fairness but Scorpio can be shameless when it comes to playing favorites. Your Scorpio senses are too strong–you either love people or hate them. If someone rubs you the wrong way, you just can’t fake it. This disturbs Libra deeply. She’s all about keeping the peace, even if you have to fake pleasantries to get through an awkward social situation. You’ll wish she could just be a little mean sometimes–or at the very least, keep it real.

Your Libra mother-in-law is a social butterfly while you need peace and quiet. Her cheery chatter could quickly grate on your nerves. Will she ever pipe down, you’ll wonder? Conversely, she may read into your quiet spells, interpreting them as a personal affront. Your vastly different conversational styles could be a sticking point that makes it hard for you to spend much time together without someone else as a buffer.

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