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Libra Mother-In-Law + Taurus Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and harmony. You both love fine dining, wine tastings, and cocktail parties with “fabulous” people.  Stylish to the core, the two of you have wardrobes that would make a runway star jealous. With your feminine charm and dimples, you may have both been models, actresses, or pageant contestants at some point in life.

You both love honoring traditions–birthdays and holidays will be big for you both. Your mother-in-law is a class act who throws the most charming parties you’ll ever attend. With your planning skills and her creativity you’ll both take your entertaining abilities to a brand new level. The only point of contention–whose house to hold the celebration at. Since you’re more domestically inclined, you may feel saddled with having to host more than your fair share of family functions.


Where You Clash

The Taurus planning style is much like a battle sergeant deploying troops on the field. Your Libra mother-in-law hates to be pushed or rushed in any way. The radical differences in your stress levels could be a sore spot here. You’re going to have to chill a bit Taurus, unless you want your mother-in-law to pull a disappearing act.

 When conflicts arise, you’re firm and direct. Libra balks at this. She’d rather say nothing and hope it all just blows over. With her tendency to hold things in, she may meltdown on you months, even years after she felt offended. This is most frustrating for Taurus, since you would have addressed things on the spot. Since Libra’s sunny demeanor bore no evidence of a problem, you’ll have been clueless there was an issue all along.  

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