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Libra Mother-In-Law + Virgo Daughter-In-Law

Libra Mother-In-Law + Aries Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Virgo is the sign of the critic, Libra is the sign of the judge. Both of you love to discuss major world issues at length. Was it ethical? Moral? Just? You’re like a two-woman debate team and conversations will be fascinating–at least for the two of you. It’s likely you can both out-talk most of your relatives so make sure you let others get a word in edgewise at family gatherings. 

The Libra mother-in-law is a fairly hands-off parent, which works well for Virgo. You like to mother your man and it’s likely that your husband is hungry for some of that energy. You prefer to entertain people at your house than be a visitor. Your Libra mother-in-law is the opposite. This eliminates fights over who will host holiday dinners. Ask her to bring wine and dessert–she’s not likely to help you in the kitchen, but she WILL keep the conversation lively among your guests.


Where You Clash

When you turn your Virgo critiques on other people, your Libra mother-in-law will cringe. She doesn’t mind talking about “safe” issues like current events. Discussing other people’s personal issues, on the other hand, is abhorrent to her. You tend to blurt out provocative comments about others that could be labeled gossip. Libra is highly ethical about keeping secrets. Check your inner busybody at the door if you don’t want to get your mother-in-law up in arms. 

Helpful Virgo likes to offer assistance to those in need. Your Libra mother-in-law has no problem accepting gifts and may even feel a little entitled to them. She will take advantage of your kindness if you let her. Don’t offer favors unless you can give without resentment. P.S. Libra likes to do favors too, but she’s less intuitive than you are. You’ll have to ask if you need her help, so drop the martyr act and speak up, Virgo.

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