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Pisces Mother-In-Law + Aquarius Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

You’re both attracted to offbeat people and will enjoy socializing together. Your mother-in-law is a skilled party-planner who can add a new dimension of creativity to your big plans. Hosting a book club or a salon-style gathering together would be a great way to connect and bring together your varied and interesting friends who are sure to click.

Is it fate? There seems to be a greater purpose for the two of you meeting beyond just the fact that you both love her son. Aquarius and Pisces share a humanitarian vision for the world. Your mother-in-law has compassion for the less fortunate just like you do. Join forces on a charitable event or volunteer effort. The two of you could start a successful nonprofit together if you find a common cause that moves you. 


Where You Clash

As a whimsical Aquarius, you seem to get yourself in all kinds of interesting predicaments. This can activate the rescuer in your Pisces mother-in-law who feels compelled to come up with bailout plans for your sticky situations. Her help, while kind, feels smothering to you. You’ll wish she’d back off and stop judging you. She’ll wish you’d get your act together already.

Pisces is ruled by emotions, Aquarius is cool and logical. Your mother-in-law may pressure you to “open up” or share your feelings. You simply won’t understand what she wants from you. Aquarius can be a bit of a tomboy while Pisces tends to be girlier. She may try to cover your home with lace doilies or frilly curtains that make you, with your modern sensibilities gag.

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