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Pisces Mother-In-Law + Cancer Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Cancer and Pisces are foodies who love to bake, cook, and sample favorably reviewed restaurants. Your Pisces mother-in-law is your partner in crime for gourmet cooking classes, wine tastings, and marathon viewings of “Top Chef”. You may both struggle with a sweet tooth. Encouraging each other to try out healthier recipes would be a positive way to support each other.

Pisces is a total nurturer, just like you. Love knows no boundaries in either of your lives. There’s a warm-fuzzy dynamic between the two of you with both of you giving gifts, pitching in to help each other with errands, and lending an ear when one of you needs to vent. Your husband may feel a tad left out at times. Be sure to fill him in on what you and his mom talked about–especially because he may fear you’re gossiping or plotting about HIM.


Where You Clash

Worrywart alert! Cancer and Pisces love to vent, but be warned. Pisces will take all your complaints to heart and try to fix them. Your tendency to dramatize a bad day could give your mother-in-law a full-on panic attack. Tone down the histrionics Cancer. If she gets wind of a “girl who cried wolf” scenario, there will be hell to pay. She may never trust you again–and this is a terribly uncomfortable position to be in with the matriarch of your husband’s entire family. 

You both lack boundaries when it comes to how much you care about loved ones. Her mothering can turn smothering. She wouldn’t mind if you were near her 24-7, but that’s a little too close for comfort. Don’t offer too much of your time and energy or you could find that her apron strings have you in a chokehold.

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