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Pisces Mother-In-Law + Pisces Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Compassion is common ground for you two Pisces. Your mother-in-law’s heart is as huge as yours, especially when it comes to helping people who are in need. Making a positive difference in the world is important to both of you. Since you’re both talented event planners, you may even want to co-chair a charity fundraiser. Just make sure to include a third person who is good budgeting and scheduling. Being late and overspending issues you share as well. 

You’re both imaginative and creative. Children in the family will love being around you both since you view the world from the same dreamy vision that they do. Should grandkids come into the picture your Pisces mother-in-law will share your view on raising them. As far as you’re both concerned, unconditional love and encouragement for creative expression are the two things that kids need most.


Where You Clash

You both tend to overextend yourselves by doing favors for other people or piling ambitious plans into your calendars. This can be disruptive to the family, as relatives may feel like they’re playing second fiddle to the wounded birds the two of you are always rescuing.  Learning to keep your inner circles smaller and a bit more selective would be an important lesson for you both to learn. Otherwise, you may both be so busy saving the world that you never have time for each other. 

While you’re both nurturing caretakers, your love can become smothering. A codependent relationship can emerge between you and your mother-in-law where you’re always rushing to the other’s rescue. When upset, you can both spiral into depression–especially if you dwell on a problem too long.  Learn to bring your mother-in-law a sunny outlook instead of getting sucked into sympathizing for too long. She needs a fresh perspective, not encouragement to complain.

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