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Pisces Mother-In-Law + Sagittarius Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Both Sagittarius and Pisces are signs that love to mentor. Helping other people sort out their problems is something you’d each drop anything to do–provided the troubled party was receptive to your advice. You’ll both take on a matriarchal role in your family, and this should be a friendly tag-team effort that you willingly share. You struggle with a similar pitfall too: knowing when to step back and let go. At times you can both become busybodies who need a reminder to back off.

You’re both big picture visionaries who love to use your imaginations to dream up large-scale plans and productions. Your Sagittarius mother-in-law has a great head for business and you’re more of the creative force. If there’s a family event to be planned, the two of you will collaborate beautifully, turning the occasion into a magical wonderland for all.


Where You Clash

Your sensitive Pisces mother-in-law absorbs the moods of everyone around you. At times, this can lead to dark spells and even depression. Sagittarius is not empathetic to this part of her personality. You want to stay in good spirits, not get dragged down by Debbie Downer.  You may try to shore you up with advice and pep talks. Save your breath and bow out of plans with a good excuse.  The words, “get over it already,” will only prolong her agony and she wont’ get out of the funk until she’s good and ready. 

Impulsive Sagittarius is off to the races before anyone can stop you.  Pisces moves at a completely different speed, and it’s much slower than yours. Trying to coordinate an outing could be an exercise in frustration. Pisces struggles with passivity and it’s not always easy for her to speak up for herself. She may say “yes” to an idea that she hates, then bow out in the last minute–her passive aggressive way of saying no. Learning more about her wishes and tastes would be a good idea here. Heads up: you may have to find out about them from her son since she can be pretty indirect about her needs and wants. 

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