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Pisces Mother-In-Law + Scorpio Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

There’s a sweet and cozy energy that flows between the two of you. You’re not a huge hugger, but your Pisces mother-in-law offers an irresistibly warm hug. Her nurturing energy draws you out of your private shell. People tend to trust Pisces with their secrets, knowing intuitively that they’re not the type to blab. You’ll find this quality rare and refreshing. You may open up to her before she bares your soul to you–a rare role reversal for Scorpio.

You’re both homebodies who love to create a warm and safe environment for your brood. Highly protective, you’d both fight to the death for the ones you care about. Like a pair of “Mama Bears,” you’ll enjoy blanketing your combined families under your watchful gazes. Nary a detail slips past either of you unnoticed. You’ll admire and respect this quality in one another and find that it fosters great trust between you.


Where You Clash

Your Pisces mother-in-law struggles with codependence and you often find yourself weighed down by other people’s drama and struggles. Scorpio, on the other hand, is all about erecting firm boundaries and keeping freaks out. You may be shocked when you meet a few of the troubled souls that your mother-in-law calls friends.  Socializing with her could prove difficult since she seems to be drawn to the very people that make you want to run for the hills. 

Scorpio is clear about her likes and dislikes, while Pisces can be a bit of a people pleaser. Although your mother-in-law may say, “I don’t care, whatever you want to do” when pressed about plans, take heed. This is not a green light to plan by your wishes alone. Pisces is passive and won’t speak up for her needs. She wants you to ask around and find out from other people what she likes. Do the research if you want to score points with her. Otherwise she’ll grow resentful and lash out in passive aggressive ways.

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