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Pisces Mother-In-Law + Taurus Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Pisces’ brand of TLC may seem overbearing to some, but not you. Taurus laps this up with a spoon. You’ll love being lavished with her homespun goodies like warm soups, knit scarves, and crocheted Kleenex box cozies. You’ll return the favor by baking dessert and making her a needlepoint pillow while you’re riding the train home from work.

The large family gatherings  Pisces is famous for hosting are your idea of a heartwarming good time. Relax and let her pamper you. Ahh. You’ve just been adopted into her bubble of old-fashioned family values. It’s safe to play here, no one’s gonna hurt you. 

You both enjoy Hallmark moments and could fill each other’s Inboxes with puppy and kitten chain e-mails, or oversized jpegs of family festivities. The sweetness is palpable here and you’ll be like the daughter she wished she had.


Where You Clash

Your Pisces mother-in-law is messy when it comes to planning. She either gets overwhelmed or prefers to be spontaneous or leave the important details (like time, date, and place of an event) until the last minute. For organized Taurus, this is endlessly frustrating. You like to book plans weeks in advance, especially family occasions. You’ll have to let go of the control a little here. Oh, you didn’t know today was Little Timmy’s birthday party? Run to the toystore, your mother-in-law is hosting a party. Grrr.

You both have abandonment issues–neither Pisces nor Taurus likes to be left out of a plan. The guilt trips here can be world class, especially if you fail to invite your mother-in-law along to an outing with other members of the family. She has a habit of ignoring her phone when it rings. This can trigger your own fears–did something go wrong? Is everything okay? Learning not to freak out when you can’t find her temporarily will be important to your peace of mind. 

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