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Pisces Mother-In-Law + Virgo Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Virgo is the sign of service and Pisces is the sign of sacrifice. You both love to give and give then give a little more. There will be a natural exchange of good vibes between you. While you’re both generous with your offerings, it’s rare that either of you trusts another person to reciprocate. With each other, you’ll be amazed. Finally! Someone who notices other people’s needs, wishes and desires with the same intensity as you.

Move over, Betty Crocker. You’re both domestically inclined with a soft spot for baking sweet treats. Your mother-in-law is more inclined to bake with butter, white flour and sugar. You prefer healthier ingredients like spelt flour and agave nectar and brown rice. Share your know-how with your Pisces mother-in-law. You may both drop a few pounds while indulging your taste buds–a win-win for all.  

Where You Clash

Dreamy Pisces loves to romanticize life. Practical Virgo finds this all a bit too airy-fairy. You need solid facts while your mother-in-law prefers to let things take shape organically. This could be especially troubling when it’s time to make plans. You like to put things on the calendar weeks in advance. Your mother-in-law can be a “slippery fish,” showing up late or canceling in the last minute. You’ll find this disrespectful and annoying, to say the least.

You thrive in a structured setting and believe that kids need rules in order to grow up properly.  Your Pisces mother-in-law is a total softie–all you need is love, as far as she’s concerned. Troubles could come when grandkids arise. She’ll criticize you for being strict and may undermine your efforts to discipline them.  In many ways, you’re her opposite–and this may be the reason her son chose you. You’ve likely heard an earful of complaints from him about her mothering style. Remaining objective about her messy and overbearing ways could be hugely challenging.  

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