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Sagittarius Mother-In-Law + Cancer Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Although you’re more domestic than your mother-in-law, both Cancer and Sagittarius love to be creative around the house. You’ll have a blast cooking together, especially ethnic recipes or dinners with an international theme. Since you’re both foodies, you’ll enjoy sampling the fare of well-reviewed restaurants. Consider starting a food blog together as a fun project. 

You both love to entertain and any gatherings you co-host will be deluxe affairs. Your Sagittarius mother-in-law will bring a theatrical flair to the mix that you might normally be too practical to think up. You’ll make sure every detail is tended to, right down to color-coordinating the napkins with the room décor. One area you WILL have to compromise is on budget. Your Sag mother-in-law tends to overspend on entertainment, so you’ll have to insist that she work within set financial parameters. 


Where You Clash

Sagittarius is the eternal optimist while Cancer can’t make a decision without first considering everything that could possibly go wrong. This is the fundamental clash between you two. You’ll find your mother-in-law’s approach to be downright reckless–how can she move ahead without assessing the risks? She’ll think you’re a stick in the mud and try to shore you up with pop-psychology advice. Your best bet: go elsewhere when you need to vent. 

You may feel a bit prim and proper standing next to your bawdy Sagittarius mother-in-law. By your standards, she’s a bit too open about her personal life and some of her confessions make you blush. “Too much information!” you’ll feel like screaming. Conversely, she finds your private nature unsettling and may try to pry details out of your crab shell. She may push you to be a bit more “wild and crazy” than you truly feel comfortable with. Hello, awkwardness.  

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