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Sagittarius Mother-In-Law + Capricorn Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Working women unite! Enterprising  Sagittarius and ambitious Capricorn are all about making a name for yourselves in your careers. Some might label you a workaholic, but your mother-in-law will innately understand your drive to achieve. Better yet, she’ll encourage you to keep going strong. To her, life is all about pursuing dreams. She’ll admire your tenacity when it comes to accomplishing yours.

Though you’re a bit more practical than your Sagittarius mother-in-law, you both abhor wastefulness. There’s an earthy sensibility that the two of you share. You’ll bond best in the great outdoors, going on nature hikes, bike rides, camping or enjoying other active adventures. The environment is an issue that you both care deeply about. Together, you could encourage the rest of the family to incorporate greener practices into their lives. 

Where You Clash

Sagittarius is BFFs with the world, while Capricorn prefers to connect with a more refined circle of people. You may find your mother-in-law’s openness distasteful and wish she would be more selective about who she brings around the family. Conversely, she may find your social style a bit snobbish. She’s not into VIP lists, exclusive clubs, or valet parking. Elite engagements are the fabric of a Capricorn’s social life.

Capricorn believes in upholding traditions while Sagittarius is all about reinventing the wheel. You may find her style a bit tacky and even disrespectful. Teach her to appreciate the quality of time-tested elegance.  She’ll have a hard time swallowing the price tag on some of the items you’re willing to spring for–even though she is likely to wind up spending the same amount replacing her cheapo items in the end. 

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