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Sagittarius Mother-In-Law + Taurus Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

You’re both “big idea people,” who enjoy making larger-than-life plans. While your Sagittarius mother-in-law is a visionary, you’re a detailed planner. Your skills can dovetail beautifully when it comes to arranging family celebrations. A Fourth of July barbecue could turn into a four-star production when you two join forces. 

Both Sagittarius and Taurus love to travel. Taking road trips with your mother-in-law is especially fun. You’ll search through the guidebooks for the best possible route. She’ll awaken your sense of spontaneity along the way. You both enjoy socializing and will have fun making chitchat with strangers you meet. When together, the two of you naturally draw new friends into your world.


Where You Clash

Traditional family gatherings make Taurus happy. You love having everybody together under one roof–especially if it’s your home. Your independent Sagittarius mother-in-law may rebel against this sort of “control.” She needs to be free to come and go as she pleases and could find those cozy family celebrations stifling after long. Don’t try to fence her in with all-day visits. She’ll look for any excuse to get out, be it walking the dog, running to the store to pick up dessert, or even manufacturing an “emergency” with a friend who she has to go visit.

Taurus likes making rules, Sagittarius likes breaking them. There’s a bit of a role reversal here, where you may feel more like the mother-in-law than her! Clashes could arise if grandchildren enter the picture. She may be judgmental about your disciplinary style, thinking you’re too stern or restrictive of the kids’ individuality. You’ll think she’s too lenient and may need to tell her to butt out.

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