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Scorpio Mother-In-Law + Aquarius Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Scorpio and Aquarius admire revolutionary thinkers. You could have some amazing discussions about everyone from Karl Marx to Gloria Steinem. Your Scorpio mother-in-law is a voracious reader just like you. Foster the intellectual connection by attending lectures together and starting a salon or book club for your erudite friends.

Originality ranks high as a quality you both admire in people. Your Scorpio mother-in-law won’t mind if you design an unconventional wedding ceremony or living arrangement, provided the reasoning behind it can be rationalized intellectually. You both hate to be pressured to open up before you’re ready to. Fortunately, the Scorpio mother-in-law is not the type to encroach on your space. This creates the right conditions for you to warm up to her. P.S.: she’s never the first one to show her hand, but she’ll reveal more personal information once you do.  


Where You Clash

You’re both highly individualistic, but your freak flag flies much higher than hers. At times, you may be SO offbeat that your Scorpio mother-in-law feels embarrassed or exposed. Since she hates to be the subject of public discussion, you may need to tone it down a little–at least when you’re visiting her neighborhood. 

Your easy, breezy approach to life can ruffle Scorpio’s feathers. She’s a total control freak about anything and anyone that’s near and dear to her. She may mistake your laid back attitude as a lack of love or concern.  Got a messy house? Big trouble is ahead and she might just surprise you by showing up with a broom and bucket of cleaning supplies. This may flare up more than ever if grandkids come into the picture. You may feel as if she’s undermining you as a parent at times when she starts interrogating you like a detective, or watching over you like a parole officer. The solution: be more verbal about your vision and idea so she knows that you have a plan. 

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