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Scorpio Mother-In-Law + Leo Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Scorpio and Leo are both highly creative. Leo prefers the limelight while Scorpio is happiest behind the scenes. The two of you can make an unbeatable team if you divide up responsibilities according to your skill sets. Let your mother-in-law take charge of planning and managing the details while you organize the people and drum up excitement for your collaborative efforts. Just make sure you openly give her credit for her work! She won’t toot her own horn, but she still wants people to know that she’s the one half of the force behind the effort. 

Both of you believe that children’s individuality should be cultivated and encouraged. Should grandkids come into the picture, your Scorpio mother-in-law will be an invaluable aide in finding resources such as a great alternative school where their unique talents can shine. 


Where You Clash

Your life is like an open book. Hers is more mysterious than the “The DaVinci Code.” You’ll wonder what your Scorpio mother-in-law is hiding, she’ll be aghast at how you let it all hang out. It may take years for her to trust you since she guards her privacy with such ferocity. This can hurt Leo’s feelings since you long to be close to the people in your family. Don’t pressure her to open up before she’s ready. Note that she’s also watching you. Try to keep a few of your darker secrets in the closet around her. Otherwise she’ll fear that you will air her dirty laundry to the world one day. 

Warm fuzzy Leo likes to dive into a cuddle puddle and embrace the day away. Scorpio is selective and simply can’t stand being pawed by random people like that. As a Leo, it will be hard not to take your mother-in-law’s “slow to warm up” attitude personally. It’s not that she doesn’t like you. Just don’t bear hug her…please. 

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