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Scorpio Mother-In-Law + Libra Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Both Libra and Scorpio enjoy lengthy, intellectual dialogues. Your mother-in-law will be a great conversational match for you. Tuck the Sunday paper under your arm and head to brunch with her. You’re both opinionated, but Libra is willing to play more of a diplomatic role. Your gentle nature could get your Scorpio mother-in-law to loosen up and consider a different perspective. If she and her son are locking horns, you’ll be the perfect mediator to help them see each other’s side.

Scorpios are somewhat shy and reserved while you’re a social butterfly. Your mother-in-law will feel at ease around you, thanks to your graceful nature. You may help bring her out of her shell in many ways. Invite her along to parties and gatherings. She tends to hide out at home too much. Being around people is good for her, although she is prone to forgetting this fact.


Where You Clash

Nothing gets past your Scorpio mother-in-law’s roving eye–including those piles of “I’ll deal with it later” papers, bills, and laundry at your house. She’ll think your laid-back attitude is a tad bit sloppy. You’ll wonder if she secretly works for the CIA. You like attention but you hate being under the microscope. Being around her can be unnerving, even off-putting. If you sense she’s forming a silent judgment, ask her to air her thoughts. She may actually have some good advice for you. She will be relieved to know that can hear her out without getting offended. 

Libra lives lavishly while Scorpio treasure hunts for a steal of a deal. Your remarkably different spending styles could lead to debate. Your Scorpio mother-in-law may worry that you’re spending her son’s retirement fund on trips to the mall, fancy brunches and other splurges. You’ll wonder why she can’t pay full price for anything–it just seems cheap to you. 

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