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Scorpio Mother-In-Law + Sagittarius Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

You’re both highly driven career women who have the might to take over the world. You’ll admire one another’s ambition and willpower. Who knows? The two of you could decide to start a business together. If you do, odds of success are extraordinarily high. Either way, you’ll certainly admire each other’s work ethic.

Scorpio and Sagittarius both prize individuality. Your mother-in-law will appreciate the fact that you march to the beat of your own drum. You’ll find each other’s candid opinions refreshing, especially since you both deliver your commentary with a good dose of sarcastic humor. Your bluntness and her stinging wit might offend other people. You’ll both be happy you’ve found another woman who ain’t afraid to tell it like it is.


Where You Clash

Scorpio likes to keep her inner circle small and sacred. Sagittarius is BFFs with everyone from the local shopkeeper to the loudmouth at the office. Your propensity for befriending such a vast and random network of people makes your mother-in-law nervous. Since she’s uber protective of her son, she may lash out. She still doesn’t want him talking to strangers–at least not the way you do! 

The glass is half-empty for Scorpio who needs to muck through the negatives of a situation before she can see it clearly. Optimistic Sagittarius prefers to keep the rose-colored glasses on. You may find your mother-in-law’s outlook to be a bit cold and depressing at times. Can’t she just cheer up already? She’ll find your devil-may-care attitude incredibly unsettling and is likely to have trouble fully trusting you.

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