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Scorpio Mother-In-Law + Virgo Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Birds of a feather flock together, and Scorpios are naturally drawn to each other. Some people like talking about people, others like talking about things. You both fall into the latter category. With the storehouse of knowledge in both of you bookworm’s heads there should be plenty to discuss without treading into uncomfortable personal terrain.

Scorpio is a hands-on mom who also gives her kids space to develop as individuals. It’s a dichotomy that you totally understand and want to emulate should you choose to have kids of your own. You’ll appreciate her razor-sharp insight and guidance when it comes to making major life decisions with her son. She’s the mentor mom you always dreamed of. She won’t b.s. you or mince words. She might even scold you a little for making a hasty decision, but you’ll always know that she has your best interests at heart. 


Where You Clash

Neither of you is eager to be vulnerable or open about your personal lives. As a result, your connection can remain chilly or superficial for quite a long time. Someone’s gotta break the ice here and since you’re reading this right now, we suggest you make the first move. Ask her to show you pictures of her son growing up. This is safe, neutral territory–she’ll be talking about herself but through telling stories about someone else. Get it? Offer to show her some pictures from your life too. Just keep the slide show brief as she may have a shorter attention span for hearing about your life than she does for talking about her own. 

You’re both opinionated and you both like to be right. Disagreements could go from lively debate to cold war stalemate pretty quickly. When threatened, you both take out your stingers. Ouch! The barbs can get painful here so watch what slips out of your mouth.

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