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Taurus Mother-In-Law + Cancer Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Life could feel like an endless craft fair when the sweet Cancer homebody meets her nurturing Taurus mother-in-law. You’ll transport each other back to the 1950s, swapping recipes, knitting scarves and gossiping about wayward relatives. You both like traveling with a neatly planned out itinerary. Taking day trips to antique fairs and food festivals could be great fun for you both.

Family values rank high with both of you. You both love children and believe that kids should be allowed to be kids. You know, like back in the days before TV, when they could ride bikes without 10-pounds of protective gear and play in the yard without a surveillance camera. Creating that sense of security for the family’s youngest members will be common ground for you two. You’ll generally agree on what’s proper and what’s inappropriate–and this could be one of your favorite topics to discuss.


Where You Clash

You both have huge hearts, but your love can be smothering at times. There will be tears and hurt feelings on more than one occasion as one of you feels slighted, left out, or neglected by the other. Try not to let the relationship get too close for comfort. It’s okay to do things without including the other at times, but it will be tough to remember this.

Taurus the bull can be a bit pushy and obnoxious when she wants her way. Cancer backs down easily, especially to a parental figure. Inside, however, you may seethe with resentment. Learning to disagree with your mother-in-law’s strong opinions will be your biggest challenge to face. She’s tougher than you think, so speak up quickly before you get bulldozed. 

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