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Taurus Mother-In-Law + Gemini Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

You’re both chatty and enjoy bantering about everything under the sun. Gemini yearns to be adopted into a family and Taurus will welcome you into hers with open arms. There will be lots of customs to absorb, like the beef stew recipe handed down for seven generations. Fortunately, you love trivia like this, and you’ll be an apt pupil for the zealous Taurus teacher.

TMI? Not to a Gemini. Your Taurus mother-in-law will tell you more about her son than he ever would confess. Collect his childhood stories so you can pass them on to your kids one day. Share tales from your own life with her as well. She’s a wonderful listener and will remember everything you share in a way that astounds you.


Where You Clash

Taurus is a bit old-fashioned, even prim. Reserve those trendy, racy outfits for times when you won’t bump into her on the streets. She WILL judge you by Emily Post standards. A stern lecture could come to your way directly (or worse yet, through her son). Spending more than a few hours with her could feel a bit suppressive. She expects you to be a “good girl,” but that’s only half of your Gemini personality. Take off before your rebellious evil twin comes out to play. 

When it comes to raising kids, she’s a traditionalist while you’re all about alternative education. Clashes could come around how to raise the grandkids. She will sneak them cookies while you’re trying to impose a sugar-free regimen, or read them literature that you deem “backwards and small-minded.” Frustration abounds as your modern values butt up against her old-school view on life.

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