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Taurus Mother-In-Law + Leo Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Hugs and kisses! You’re both warm, affectionate and eager to embrace new family members. This could turn into a lovefest before you even get a chance to discover who the other one truly is.  No matter. There’s a strong sense of loyalty between lions and bulls. You’re more likely to put up with each other’s quirks than most.

Your playful energy brings out your Taurus mother-in-law’s funloving nature. She’ll let her hair down around you and the jokes will fly.

You both love to pamper yourselves. Taurus may introduce you to a new level of luxury when it comes to shopping and salon treatments. Of course, she may also have a bigger budget than you since she’s better at saving. Be honest if you’re strapped for cash on Spa Day. She likes to give gifts as much as you do, so she just might pick up the tab.


Where You Clash

Taurus can be righteous, believing that her way is the best and only way. In her mind there are proper ways that things are done and the world would work better if everyone followed those rules.

Leo is all about self-expression and individuality. When you see a rule you either break it or remake it to be more inclusive. Conformity is death to a Leo where Taurus finds peace in it. 

Opinionated Taurus is anything but subtle. Her blunt comments can wound your fragile Leo pride. When it comes to raising kids, she’s stern where you’re a softie. Clashes could arise when she tries to undermine one of your more alternative approaches to childrearing. Find another babysitter unless you want to get into moralistic debates with her about how to raise the kids.

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