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Taurus Mother-In-Law + Taurus Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Fire up the Blackberries, walkie-talkies and mobile spreadsheet programs. The two of you are like producers on the set of a major Hollywood film. Things start happening when your Taurus mother-in-law gets in a room with you. The creative collaboration could be quite a hoot to watch. Be careful though—two bulls can also bulldoze people. Your family may feel overwhelmed by the detailed itineraries you like pulling together.

You’re both traditional and enjoy lavish holidays, family vacations, and scrapbooking the memories of each occasion. You won’t mind when mom-in-law pops by unannounced; in fact, you may have a guest bedroom set up just for her. A close-knit vibe is sure to emerge when you join her clan.


Where You Clash

A mirror image of yourself can be an eye-opener at times. Are you really as bossy as Mom-In-Law is? Whoa. This can be tough to stomach when you see her all fired up and issuing orders. Try not to get swept too far along into her “Planners Gone Wild” tidal wave. The effect may not be such an aphrodisiac for you hubby. While it’s fine to have similar traits to his mom, you don’t want to become her in his mind. 

You’re both a bit pushy. If you want things one way and she wants thing another, look out! You’ll both stubbornly hold your ground hoping the other surrenders. Suggestion: unless it’s a major life decision, let her win. Getting worked up over what brand of ground beef to barbecue on the Fourth of July isn’t worth the stress.

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