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Taurus Mother-In-Law + Virgo Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Virgo is the dream daughter-in-law for Taurus. Both of you are fastidiously wired to plan, nurture, and direct the family into an orderly flow.  She won’t interfere when you give her son a good talking to; in fact, she’ll encourage him to listen to you. Be careful though—the two of you could get into such serious cahoots that your husband feels ganged up on. 

Observing customs is important to you both. This is especially potent if you have similar religious or spiritual values. She’ll respect your intellect and want to learn more from you. Since you love to teach, you’ll enjoy having a mother-in-law who is such an appreciative pupil. You may feel as if you’re bringing Donna Reed into the 21st Century as you introduce her to the modern twists on her old-school traditions.


Where You Clash

Taurus and Virgo are both micromanagers who notice every little detail. A tendency to pick at each other can arise, making you both feel under the microscope. While you want the best for one another, be careful not to treat each other like fixer-uppers. The fine art of acceptance goes far with you two.

When it comes to disagreements, brash Taurus will tell you exactly what she thinks without mincing words. Ouch! Virgo is an analyzer who gets nervous in the face of conflict. You’d rather get a second, third and fourth opinion before you have the heart-to-heart with her. Warning: you may inadvertently start gossip, which Taurus has little tolerance for. Winning back her trust after such a slight is next to impossible. Aim to be more direct. She’s a tough cookie but she doesn’t mind a good debate if it means clearing the air.

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