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Virgo Mother-In-Law + Aquarius Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Behind her manicured appearance, earthy Virgo has a bit of a hippie streak in her. She’s willing to pick up a picket sign and join activist Aquarius in a rally or march. You’re both animal lovers who will get misty-eyed over chain mails of puppies and kittens. Animal cruelty and the state of the environment may be common issues you are concerned with.

You’re both attracted to people from different cultures as well as offbeat, artsy types. Your Virgo mother-in-law’s circle of friends is a motley crew, just like yours. You both enjoy talking to strangers and could be a pair of local celebrities when you hit the town. The grocer, barista, pharmacist, waitress, and mayor may know you both by your first names.  Should the stork arrive, she’ll happily attend PTA meetings alongside you.    

Where You Clash

You’re a big picture person, Virgo is a micromanager of details. You won’t understand why she cares so much about color coordinating her shoes with her purse. She’ll find your lack of interest in such things absurd. She may push you to be more “ladylike.” You’ll wish she’d back off and let you be the tomboy her son fell in love with. When she chases you around the house with a mascara wand, you’ll want to run for the hills. Surrender to at least one styling session if you want her to get off your back.

She’s a bit of a snoop, which makes wild child Aquarius nervous. Tuck away anything you don’t want her to see. She can’t help but poke around when she drops by for a visit. Where you’re open-minded, she’s judgmental. You believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty, she interrogates people like a CIA agent. 

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