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Virgo Mother-In-Law + Cancer Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Cancer can be rather maternal with your husband and your Virgo mother-in-law will appreciate this. She likes to make sure everyone in her family is well taken care of before she backs off and gives them space. There shouldn’t be too much meddling from her since she’ll innately trust you with her son. Warning: You both tend to “henpeck” a little with your advice. This may form a bond between the two of you but could cause rifts with your hubby.  In other words, let her be his mom. 

You both value education and will enjoy sharing what you learn with one another. Get a shared reading list going. She loves a good novel as much as you do, and this will give you plenty of safe conversational fodder. If you have children, she’ll be an endless source of advice–and one that you’ll actually like listening to.


Where You Clash

Chatty Virgo will find you a bit tight-lipped for her liking. She puts it all out there because she wants you to spill your secrets too. You’re too clever for that, which infuriates her. How is she going to know what makes you tick? Try to throw her a few crumbs to work with, Cancer. Would you rather she find out your life story through the grapevine? She’s an expert researcher. Don’t activate her inner spy by being too quiet.

Virgo is the sign of the critic and your mother-in-law’s helpful hints could feel like painful blows to your sensitive soul. She may not realize how affected you are by her little comments. You may retreat into your protective shell if she lets a few too many zingers fly. Learning how to push back a little (and man can she be pushy) will be one of your biggest challenges in this relationship.

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