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Virgo Mother-In-Law + Capricorn Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Virgo and Capricorn have complementary outlooks on family and raising children. She’ll appreciate the fact that her son married someone so similar to her. Your down-to-earth values resonate with her at a core level. She won’t have to play the meddling mom here since she’ll innately trust that you’re taking good care of her son.

You both love to plan in advance. There won’t be any annoying last-minute dramas to deal with here. Your Virgo mother-in-law is a happy helper at any family gathering but will step back and allow you to host the affair (you prefer this). You like making rules and she likes following them. Give her a shopping list and a shoestring budget and you’ll be amazed by her creativity.


Where You Clash

There may be too many cooks in the kitchen here. Capricorn and Virgo like to be in charge and insist on having things done just so. If your views on important issues clash, look out! Virgo is righteous and Capricorn is stubborn. Disagreements could turn into a standoff that lasts for years.

You’re both frugal, but your Virgo mother-in-law’s tastes may seem a bit cheap in your eyes. Capricorn springs for sophisticated styles from high-end design houses. You won’t appreciate her trying to put a doily over your “Design Within Reach” coffeetable. She’ll think your spending habits are snobbish and exorbitant. She may chastise her son about you behind your back.

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