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Virgo Mother-In-Law + Gemini Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

It’s Trivial Pursuit time! Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, the information-gathering planet. There are enough facts in both of your heads to fill a lifetime of Jeopardy rounds.  Swapping recipes, news tidbits, and historical factoids will be a fun way to banter. 

Your Virgo mother-in-law respects intelligence and Gemini brings the smarts in spades. She’ll eagerly listen to you share about anything you’ve dabbled in recently. Few topics (if any) are off limits as long as you present them from a thoughtful perspective. Your mother-in-law may even join you for that pole-dancing class you rave about to her. Women taking back the power around stripping? That’s right up her feminist alley.  


Where You Clash

You both love to gossip. Talking smack about other people could become an all-out addiction for the two of you. Trouble is, you’ll struggle to trust each other after a while. You don’t want to wonder what she says about YOU behind your back, do you? Suggest that the two of you monitor this habit you share.  She’s always open to self-improvement, so why not tackle gossip together? ! Be sure to bring other subject matter to the table when you get together with her besides what bitchy Cousin Rachel did at the Labor Day picnic.

There’s a naughty streak in both of you, but your wild child makes hers look domesticated. When she starts spouting off about racy topics, just let her talk. Gemini is a competitive storyteller and you WILL one-up her here. This is not a good thing. Don’t forget that she is the sign of the virgin (and your mother-in-law). Your tales could send her running back to the Victorian ages, and her son is unlikely to appreciate that. 

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