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Virgo Mother-In-Law + Libra Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Virgo and Libra are highly analytical–and your favorite subject matter is people. Talking about human behavior and psychology will be a fascinating conversation that never gets old with you two. Self-improvement books and workshops fill your shelves and you’ll have a fine time swapping titles with your Virgo mother-in-law. She tends to point out the flaws and you’d rather radar in on the positive. You’ll give each other a balanced perspective so you can both see the whole picture.

Health nut Virgo and fashionista Libra both love to look good. You’ll help her brighten up her neutral wardrobe. She’ll teach you how to feel beautiful from the inside out with yoga and proper nutrition. The two of you could publish a women’s magazine with all the tips and tidbits of advice you’ve got floating in your heads.


Where You Clash

You have strikingly different approaches to spending and saving. Lavish Libra could blow through an entire paycheck with an evening of bottle service in the VIP section of a jazz club.  Frugal Virgo would rather cook at home, flip through local guides for free entertainment, and add more money to her retirement fund.  Your lifestyle could give her heart palpitations–does this mean her son will be in the poorhouse one day?  Try taking a few tips from her on putting funds aside for your future. She’s got a lot to teach you here.

Virgo loves a schedule and a spreadsheet printed on crisp, white paper. Libra likes to blow with the wind and sign perfumed letters with lipstick kisses. Your mother-in-law’s insistence on making concrete plans interrupts your groovy flow. You may find yourself avoiding her just because it seems easier than learning how to send an appointment in Outlook every time you want to drop by and say hello to her.

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