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Virgo Mother-In-Law + Scorpio Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

There’s a meeting of the mind between intellectual Virgo and sharp-minded Scorpio. You take extreme pride in being cutting edge and your mother-in-law also likes to be in the know.  She will be an eager audience for all the cool new trivia you dig up. She won’t forget to give you credit either when she shares your discoveries with other people. Like a world-class PR agent, she makes you shine in other people’s eyes.

Scorpio and Virgo are both foodies who enjoy fine-dining on a budget. Sharing appetizers at upscale restaurants will be a great way to bond. You’ll also enjoy discovering those delicious hole-in-the-wall places that the average diner might overlook. 


Where You Clash

Virgo’s tendency to blurt out other people’s business horrifies secretive Scorpio. You’d rather die than be exposed like that–even if she IS doing it in a motherly way. She finds your private nature unsettling–what, do you think you’re a celebrity or something?! Like a relentless paparazzo, she WILL get the story on you. Appease her with a tame version of your personal life. Otherwise, she’ll start digging through your grapevine to get a secondhand account.

Virgo is the sign of the critic and your mother-in-law’s habit of pointing out your “flaws” could wound your sensitive soul. You may feel as if you’re under the microscope when she’s around–something low-key Scorpio hates. You tend to avoid people when conflict strikes. Your Virgo mother-in-law would rather talk it out. Make an effort to be more direct–the heart-to-hearts you have with her could be a growth experience for you both. 

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