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Virgo Mother-In-Law + Taurus Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Power planners unite! Taurus and Virgo are micromanagers who prefer to have everything spelled out to the nth degree. You’ll appreciate each other’s considerate ways–like the dinner invitations that come two weeks in advance with a guest list, a link to Googlemaps, and a starting and ending time for the event. Why can’t the rest of the world operate with such efficiency?! Neither of you ever forgets to call and say thank you, or send a little card in the mail. Miss Manners would be in heaven around you two.

You both have strong opinions and moral codes which you love sharing with the world. Talking about what is and isn’t “appropriate behavior” could be a favorite topic–and conversations could last for hours. You’ll generally agree on how to celebrate family functions, raise kids, and be a good wife. Overall, this is a peaceful and inspiring relationship.


Where You Clash

Your Virgo mother-in-law is more liberal than you are, and may sometimes push you to embrace things that you’re not comfortable with. She has no problem talking about sex or bodily functions with anyone she considers “one of the girls.” This makes Taurus cringe. You really didn’t need to visualize THAT, now did you?! Her TMI habit could aggravate your inner snob. You may feel hesitant to bring her out to public places–she can be downright embarrassing at times.

Virgo loves to gossip and Taurus finds this reprehensible. You have no problem saying what you feel right to someone’s face. Your mother-in-law finds your direct approach to be too aggressive. Communicating about difficult issues could entail a few chapters of drama before harmony is achieved.

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