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Virgo Mother-In-Law + Virgo Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

She’s witty and a great writer, just like you. Expect some hilarious e-mail exchanges as a sisterly vibe emerges between you. You’re both avid readers who are up on the latest news. She’s a great partner for a local field trip, and shares your opinion that having fun doesn’t have to break the bank.

You both love analyzing people–some would call it gossip, you two call it “a focused study on human behavior.” You want the people around you healthy, happy, and living darn near perfect lives. When you radar in on a relative with a shortcoming, you’ll both rush to the victim with a stack of helpful reading materials, the number to a good therapist, and a bowl of organic-free-range chicken soup. You’ll love discussing your individual diagnoses of relative’s problems too. Together, you could open a wellness clinic.


Where You Clash

Welcome to the Critic’s Convention. Your mother-in-law views the world with the same sharp eye that you do. Neither of you can help but blurt out your opinions on anything that passes by your view. When you turn those judging eyes on each other, things could get nasty! She may lovingly suggest that you try a more flattering cut of clothing. Talk about giving someone a complex. You’ll have to develop a thick skin. If you can manage not to take her remarks personally, you’ll find that she actually has some useful ideas to offer. 

Your helpful suggestions can border on pushy with each other too. While you both want the best for everyone involved, there are going to be times where you’ll have to back off. This is especially true when it comes to her son/your husband. You both may be so convinced that you know what’s right for him that a Family Feud breaks out. He’s likely to appreciate this less than anyone, so don’t put him in the middle like that. 

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